Owen Goss: Robot Hunger

Hi everyone:

This isĀ Owen Goss fromĀ Streaming Colour Studios. For the game jam, I decided to make an iPad game called Robot Hunger. In the game, you are a hungry robot who wants to eat more robots. You can eat smaller robots and grow bigger, but if you run into a larger robot, it will eat you, and the game is over. Margaret Gissing did the art for the game, and F. Tyler Shaw did the music and sound. You can watch this video to see it in action!

If you’d like to see screenshots of the finished game, see early screenshots, and read some short posts that I wrote during the event, continue reading after the fold.

Here are a couple of screenshots of the finished game:

Starting out small:

Much bigger now:

Technology used: My own game engine (C++ and OpenGL)

There wasn’t a lot of time to do live-blogging (I was trying to make a game in 7.5 hours!) but I did manage to post a few things:

2:30pm – I’m making an iPad game for this game jam, called Robot Hunger. Here’s an extremely early screenshot of the game, so you can see where I’m at just over 2 hours into the jam.

4:10pm – Just over 3 hours to go! The artist I’ve been working with has gotten me some new background art. My world scales now as your robot gets bigger. I’ve got a player, and enemies spawn and move. I’m now working on the collision and game logic so that your robot can eat smaller robots, and larger robots can eat you…


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