For game jam day I wrote an asteroids clone using JavaScript, Box2D, Canvas, Websockets, Accelerometer, NodeJS, and JaxServer (my nodejs system).  There wasn’t enough time to get this all working in one day, so I cheated (just a bit) and brought a working version of the game server and had box2d ready to go.  I used the accelerometer from an iPod touch to provide steering and throttle controls.  Most of my time was spent getting the controls working and tweaking the box2d variables enough to be a semi-playable demo.  I was expecting to have enough time to add sounds and better graphics but the time just flew by.  I will probably continue working on this because it’s a good test-case for some of the work I’m doing.

The box2d port I used is here and the JaxServer framework will be open sourced (AGPL) probably this summer.

Game Jam was a lot of fun, I look forward to doing more.

- Dan Steinman (jaxcore.com)

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