rocky1138: BastardBlaster

Title screen of BastardBlaster indie 2d shooter game

Cleaning up the universe, one annoyance at a time.

Hey all, rocky1138 here. I’ve wanted to make a game like this for a while; a game where its your job to destroy everything in the universe that’s frustrating, annoying, and a pain the fek (a little Farscape reference there.)

The story: in order to live a long life of peace, humans living around the year 2055 had found a way to discard all negative points of life. Unfortunately, instead of simply disappearing, they were sent to outer space. Now, thousands of years later, space is full and it’s your job as a BastardBlaster to destroy the overflowing mass of annoying objects floating in the galaxy.

The game is built using the Akihabara Javascript game engine and runs in your browser. The music was supplied by David K Newton and the art by Margaret Gissing.

Though the game is not feature complete, it is playable. Feel free to blast empty pizza boxes and Blue Screens of Death in space!

Note: When the intro screen asks you to press ‘A’, press ‘Z’ instead and use that button to fire. Arrow keys move your ship. BastardBlaster also runs on the iPhone! Send in vids of you playing!


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