This is a game that has absolutely no goal whatsoever. Based on minecraft, Tank craft allows you to dig underground, build a big tower, and even fly a helicopter and fight a giant aircraft carrier in the sky, all in a mini little tank! In updates to come, there’ll be turrets, more flying vehicles, and flying slimes :P


Picture of the tank getting attacked by slimes:

download link here: TANKCRAFT UPDATED!!


Note:this is an updated version of the one that was made there, didn’t catch it in time, and accidentally over-wrote the original :(

PS: If you want those stoopid slimes gone, just surround their spawners (deep underground, resemble minecraft spawners) with metal, and they’ll be trapped! just play “freebuild” mode, or no “slimes”

PPs: score= money. 500 for moneymakers, 500 for regular turrets, and 2000 for shotgun/spread turrets, 1000 for laser turrets (IMO are better than shotgun turrets)



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  1. [...] Late in the jam, I still needed some sort of “enemy”, and I happened to overhear Connor Pridham (son of @madgarden) jokingly saying something about how every game should have tanks. I realized that tanks would be a perfect fit for Big Runner, so I decided to put them in. Oh, and it turns out that Connor was working on a sweet mix of tanks and Minecraft called TankCraft. [...]

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