Matt Rix: Big Runner

Hey Everyone,

The game I made is called Big Runner, and it’s made with Flash.┬áThe gist of the game is that the main character is a skinny guy, but his goal is to burn as many calories as he can, so he’s trying to get as fat as possible so he can burn more calories. The catch is that the fatter he is, the slower he’ll move, and the screen is constantly moving, so he can’t get too fat or else he’ll go off the edge of the screen. Tyler Shaw created the music, after I asked for “music that sounds kinda super-nintendoish, and upbeat, with the melody from Happy Birthday”. He nailed it.

The game was playable after the 7 hours of the jam, but I knew it needed more work, so on the day after the jam I spent another 3 hours on it and uploaded it to Kongregate.

Feel free to check out the original 7-hour version, and also make sure you play the final version on Kongregate.

If you want to know more about the game, I posted a long post about it on my personal blog, which you can read here:

The Guelph Game Jam was a ton of fun, big thanks to Owen Goss for organizing it!


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