The Big Idea

I built a small game called “The Big Idea”. Here is the writeup:

You, in blue, have a big idea. Unfortunately, your rival in orange has one too. Move around using WASD and talk with the arrow keys. Fill up subjects’ empty thought bubbles with blue to score points!

It’s really just a poorly-disguised top-down shooter, but I had to work the “big” theme in somehow!

I usedĀ Python, Pyglet, Git and GNU Emacs onĀ Arch Linux.

The Game Jam experience was somewhat humbling. I had many big ideas of my own, but ended up having to make lots of compromises to meet our eight hour deadline. I also found it really fulfilling. I’ve never written a game before, at least not to the point where it was a complete product. As much as “The Big Idea” isn’t very fun to play it does finish. You can win. You can lose.

Having learned many newbie lessons I’m looking forward to the next jam. I fully intend to build a game that sucks half as much!


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